Value of Information of SHM

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) techniques enable continuously acquiring real-time information that can support asset management decisions. Despite the several advantages provided by the availability of continuously updated information, the adoption of these systems still encounters difficulties to be implemented at a large scale due to their perceived high cost and the difficulty to estimate the return on investment before their implementation. The Value of Information (VoI) analysis from Bayesian decision analysis can be used to quantify the benefits associated with vibration-based monitoring SHM information in supporting the selection of optimal asset management actions. The activity of the research group in this field has been mainly devoted to the quantification of the VoI from SHM to support the selection of optimal emergency management actions such as restrictions of traffic on bridges and networks of bridges during floods or seismic events and evacuation of buildings after an earthquake. The impact of structural deterioration and possible deterioration of the SHM system on the VoI is currently being investigated.



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