Seismic SHM

Seismic Structural Health Monitoring (herein S2HM) is the process of continuously and permanently recording and analyzing the responses of a structure under seismic excitation. During the last three decades, S2HM has grown due to great interest by both researchers and professionals. This is well evidenced by the number of S2HM monitoring systems installed today in various countries of the world. The main reasons for this development are the limitation related to the use of traditional observational methods, intrusive and time consuming and yet costly and with uncertainties due to dependency on the operator. Furthermore, the availability of responses recorded by a monitoring system has a great potential related to the management of emergencies related to the speed up of damaged inventory. Not least, the availability of responses recorded during the strong seismic event allows the advancement of knowledge on the structural behavior and the possibility to calibrate realistic and reliable numerical models enabling more refined damage characterization (type and severity beyond detection).

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